Large Motor Milestones

By 12 months your baby should:
  • Be able to get into sitting position without assistance
  • Crawl on their hands and knees
  • Go from sitting or on tummy to crawling
  • Pulls themselves up to stand
  • Imitate scribbling
  • Walk while holding on to furniture
  • Stand momentarily without any support
By 24 months your toddler should:
  • Walk independently
  • Pull, carry, and kick toys
  • Be starting to run
  • Climbs on and off furniture independently
  • Walk up and down stairs holding on to someone or something for support
By age 3 your toddler should:
  • Alternate feet when walking up steps independently
  • Jump with both feet
  • Pedal a tricycle
By age 4 your child should:
  • Catch a bounced ball
  • Balance on one foot
  • Hop on one foot
By age 8 your child should have met all large motor milestones