Other Services

Other services offered at STARS include:

STARS provides the Intensive Therapy (TheraSuit®) Program in addition to traditional therapies. The Intensive Therapy Program is a three week long program totaling 60 hours of service. Following the initial evaluation, the program is designed to meet the needs of each individual client and is based upon various therapeutic intervention theories including Motor Control and Neurodevelopment Treatment. The Intensive Therapy Program was designed specifically for individuals with neuromuscular disorders, especially Cerebral Palsy. Upon program completion, clients are provided with written instructions to continue the focus of the program through home, school and other therapy services.


Tutoring: Provided by licensed special and regular education teachers who are currently teaching in the area public schools. Tutoring is $40 per hour and there is no service contract that clients are bound to. Tutoring is not covered by insurance.

Education Psychological Evaluations: Performed by a licensed School Psychologist, educational psychological evaluations may include: IQ testing, achievement testing, ADD/ ADHD rating scales as well as additional components including: physical, occupational and speech language assessment. We can work with your child's school to help in developing your child's Individualized Education Plan.