Speech Language Milestones

By 12 months your baby should:
  • Pay attention to speech
  • Respond to simple verbal requests, including “no” or “stop”
  • Use simple gestures, such as nodding head for “yes”
  • Babble
  • Say at least 3-5 words
  • Try to imitate words
By 24 months your toddler should:
  • Points to objects or pictures that you name
  • Recognize the names of familiar people, objects, shapes, colors and body parts
  • Use two- to four-word sentences
  • Follow simple instructions such as, “hand me the ball”or “put a cheerio in the bowl”
  • Repeat words overheard in conversation
By age 3 your toddler should:
  • Use 3-5 word sentences
  • Ask questions
  • Repeat rhymes
  • Know some colors and numbers
  • Play with two or three children in a group
  • Know their first and last name
  • Pay attention for about 3 minutes
  • Remember what happened yesterday
  • Match objects and pictures
By age 4 your child should:
  • Understands descriptive concepts such as long, heavy, dry, etc.
  • Follow three instructions given at one time for example, "sit down and hand me the ball that is under the box."
  • Have a large vocabulary and use good grammar
By age 7 your child should demonstrate adult speech in sounds and grammar

By age 8 your child should be able to tell time on an analog clock