Small Motor Milestones

By 12 months your baby should:
  • Grasps and releases toys purposefully
  • Bang two items together
  • Put objects in/take objects out of containers
  • Poke with index finger
  • Imitate scribbling
By 24 months your toddler should:
  • Scribble
  • Pour from one container to another
  • Build towers with blocks
By age 3 your toddler should:
  • Feed themselves independently
  • Hold a glass in one hand
  • Hold a crayon well
  • Wash and dry hands independently
  • Throw a ball overhead and try to catch
  • Put on their shoes (but not tie their laces)
  • Dress and toilet with little help
By age 4 your child should:
  • Hold a pencil
  • Cut paper
  • Unbutton and button, buckle, and tie laces with some help
  • Put together a simple puzzle
  • Use the bathroom completely independently
By age 8 your child should have more control over small muscles as demonstrated by more skillful writing and drawing